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my webserver is a pi… huge surprise.. i know (not really.. all you needed to do to find out was look at the server header^^)

recently i started saving for an odroid h2 and all the stuff you need for it (m.2 ssd, 2 10tb seagate drives^^, powerbrick, 8gb ddr4 ram).. at first i wont use it as server though… its said it can emulate a wii.. so i wanna try the gaming capabilities first^^ i have some gog releases of mirrors edge and other games to try.. i could install origin.. but its a hassle to re enable my pc afterwards..

that much space would also be a nice addition to my nas.. its running out of space…


if you for whatever reason i certainly wont understand wanna support me, there is a coinhive widget on the right^^


maybe thats my last post in this year… the site is now online for about 2 years i believe…

what a long time..


see ya!

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