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you know how they say that space is expanding and not infinite.. well.. you get that taught in school (i think so atleast)… but what would it look like if we would go to an area where space hasnt expanded to yet? sure it would look black since there would be no energy whatsoever.. but going there would also make it space.. we would bring our mass there.. so there isnt nothingness anymore… its kind of a paradox.. in oder to see and experience it you have to go there.. but if you do go there it wouldnt be nothing anymore… its weird.. but also fun to think about^^

kind of like what would happen if you would try to build a city like columbia in the clouds of jupiter…

i have a weird imagination… but think of it this way… we could even breathe there if we would build it in the water cloud layer (yes you can breathe steam or water vapor and survive with it… well.. i and some people i know can.. i dont know if everyone could do that since our loungs expect pure oxygen or a gas mixture where oxygen can be easily extracted from.. and not a liquid  or steam)

only problem would be the immense air pressure and gravity.. but through evolution we would be able to adapt to that^^ i mean.. in the beginning.. the first living things on earth did not like oxygen at all (actually.. oxygen is a poisonous element… i dont know why we need it to survive.. since it also means our death someday) but then oxygen came on earth (probably through asteroids with water) and wiped out that life.. it simply died from the poison called oxygen… then some million years later the new microbes came that need oxygen to survive.. FFWD some billion years and here we are

back to beginning topic.. well.. if there is nothing.. what is there then what makes it possible for space to expand? in order that something can be in that space there has to be something holding it open.. otherwise it would collapse back to nothing (i know that space is a vacuum.. but still fascinating…)

going back to the city in jupiter topic… i think it would be fun to have a little game exploring something like that^^ i’ll start programming.. with some luck i may also make it public


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